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Warwick & Leamington Spa Caravan Motor Mover Fitting

TrailerTREK Ltd are professional motor mover fitting specialists and operate a mobile fitting business which cover the Midlands Area including Warwick & Leamington Spa.  We also fit at our business premises in Cathering de Barnes, Solihull.

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Easy To Move Your Caravan :-

Caravan motormovers allow you to easily manoevre your caravan onto your pitch, driveway or whilst putting it away for storage.  There’s no difficulty in reversing with any of our motormovers as they all without any physical effort from you push your caravan or trailer backwards, forwards and allow you to turn your caravan or trailer with ease.

All of these motormovers when installed on your caravan will allow you to move your caravan on gravel, grass and slopes with ease.

Reversing You’re Caravan:-

After a long drive the last thing you want to do is get stressed out trying to reverse your caravan into a difficult space.  You’re on holiday so just unhitch the caravan, engage the motor to drive the motormover and let the caravan battery and caravan mover do the hard work, while you enjoy a well earned cup of tea or glass of wine.

Our TrailerTREK mobile motormover installation team are second to none and what they don’t know about the towing and caravan moving industry probably isn’t worth knowing.  Our fitters will ensure they demonstrate the product to you detailing exactly how to work your chosen  caravan motormover.

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We can install and professional fit any caravan motormovers to your caravan.  We have an extensive background in the towing industry with over 30 years experience in the company. We also install and fit over 3000 towbars to towing vehicles and as a result know the exacting needs of our customers and the importance of getting it right first time everytime.

Warwick & Leamington Spa Mobile Caravan Mover Fitting Service

What Is A Caravan Motormover :-

The caravan mover is a an electronic, motorised device that’s fitted to the chassis and it allows you to remotely control the movement of the caravan by a hand held remote control.  The motor when engaged and powered up by the caravan battery will connect rollers which attach to the wheels temporarily enabling you to move your caravan in any direction.  All of the motormover we sell are extremely precise and at the touch of a button you can position your caravan within an inch of where you want.  

Different  Motormovers

There are several different motormovers and they can come with different power motors or they can engage all wheel at once.  

Heavy Caravans - require a more substantial motormover and as a result need more power to move them easily.

Single Axle Movers -  use rollers on 2 wheels

Double Axle Motors - work on rollers on all 4 wheels

Gradient / Slope - It is advisable to install a more powerful motormover so you can move the caravan with ease.

Can I Fit My Own Caravan Motor Mover:-

If you have a good knowledge of how to fit things to caravans and you are handy with a set of spanners and able to link in to the caravan electrics then you may want to consider installing your own caravan motormover.  We can delivery the motormover directly to your door so you can save money fitting yourself.

For Professional Fittting & Peace of Mind:-

If you want to ensure that your motormover is installed correctly and have it professionally fitted by our friendly installers at home or at your compound depending on space and site rules (T&C’s apply).  Having your motoromover fitted by pro’s gives you the peace of mind that your mover system is installed correctly and more importantly safely.

Then call TrailerTREK Ltd - Coventry Motormover Fitting.

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Leamington Spa is a spa town in Central Warwickshire.  It used to be called Leamington Priors and is named after the River Leam which flows through the town.

The town has six electoral wards and a total population of 49,491

Leamington Spa has a OS grid reference of SP316660.

Post codes of CV31 to CV33

Leamington Spa dialling code is 01926


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