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AL-KO AMS Mammut has the power to move your caravan effortlessly. Inclines, kerbs and rough terrain can be overcome to position the vehicle into exactly

the right spot without assistance.  Guiding the caravan into tight areas such as a garage, or car port is easily handled by AL-KO AMS Mammut.

The remote control directs the movement of the caravan to the desired position using variable speed and close control.  The variable speed control of Mammut simplifies the coupling process of the caravan to the towing vehicle.

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AL-KO AMS Mammut can only be operated once the remote control handset is paired with the magnetic switch fixed to the A-Frame of the caravan. The unit will automatically switch off after 100 seconds of inactivity.

Should the joystick be released on an incline, the roller will act as a braking mechanism, preventing the caravan from rolling away.


AMS Mammut provides a controlled, smooth start and stop when manoeuvring the caravan, with no ‘jerky’ movements.

Simple, one handed operation via the joystick allowing smooth and sensitive speed control and continuous 360° manoeuvring.

For AL-KO chassis manufactured from 2010, the mounting holes are provided as standard allowing simple installation. This type of chassis is identified by an embossed ‘M‘, located on the chassis member (as shown).

AL-KO AMS Mammut can be fitted in front of the axle in the direction of travel, therefore protecting the drive units from stone chip damage.

The compact design and integration of the unit into your AL-KO chassis ensures that the clearance between the chassis member and the road is completely unaffected.

For older AL-KO Chassis prior to 2010 model year and non AL-KO chassis, a variant with the cross bar clamped under the chassis members is available.

This can be fitted to either the front or rear of the axle. Clearance between chassis member and road is reduced by approximately 50mm.

Under Chasis Variant


The maximum power consumption of AMS Mammut is 120 A. It is recommended to use a battery with a capacity of at least 80 Ah.

With a fully charged 80 Ah battery, AMS Mammut can be operated for upto 2 hours on level ground. At maximum loading on inclines the operating time is approximately 30 minutes.


The right choice of jockey wheel will significantly improve the manoeuvrability of the caravan on all surfaces when used in conjunction with the AMS Mammut.

AL-KO recommends the use of the AL-KO Premium Jockey Wheel as the ideal partner for AMS Mammut.

AMS Mammut is the only caravan mover designed to fully integrate with the AL-KO Chassis. With the power and strength to improve the manoeuvrability over uneven terrain and inclines, plus the agility to handle tight spaces AMS Mammut is the next, natural product choice for your caravan.

Fitting AMS Mammut to your caravan gives you maximum ground clearance and protects your investment against collision damage from hitting kerbs, speed bumps and potholes.

Reliable and proven technology

AMS Mammut AL-KO Motormover

Move Your Caravan Easily

AL-KO Mammut AMS

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Ultimate Control

Mammut Specification

Integrated Chasis Variant

The powerful system can overcome obstacles and kerbs upto 4cm high.

AL-KO AMS Mammut can be used on inclines upto a maximum of 28%.

See Specifications for maximum inclines for specific vehicles.

The sleek and compact design of AL-KO AMS Mammut, ensures that maximum ground clearance is maintained and the risk of damage is reduced.

Lightweight design, means the complete system weighs only 29 kg (excl. battery).

The durable outer cover of AMS Mammut completely seals the unit from water ingress, and guarantees functionality even in wet conditions.


Automatic switch off after 100 seconds of inactivity.

Immediate stop, even on inclines, when the joystick is released.

Full 360 degree on the spot rotation.

Maximum operating speed 0.5km/h.

LED operating indicators on remote control.

Infinitely variable speed control via the remote control joystick.

Continuously variable directional movement via the remote control joystick.

Manual hand roller engagement using 13mm hex wrench.

Splash and water resistant.

Power consumption: peak current 120 A.

Dormant power consumption: 5 mA.